Rise Context

Context is Powerful.
Use it.

Rise Context

is Powerful.
Use it.

Create the perfect match between users, content and everything around them. Our Rise Context solution elevates user’s intent with innovative, highly engaging, contextually relevant ads.

Boost revenue with search-powered ads

Give users what they want

Engage your users with content that really interests them and create a meaningful user experience.

Play with creativity

Let innovation shine in your ad units, customize them to your unique needs, and give them your special signature.

Maximize your properties

Use our advanced solution to reveal your site’s potential and make the most out of it.

Unlimited demand across top categories and verticals

We provide an endless variety of categories and verticals for you to choose from – Beauty, Travel, Home & Garden, Autos, Senior Living and more.

Higher engagement. Better performance.

Seamless user journey in just two clicks

From content site to advertiser’s landing page in just a click or two, our solution provides publishers with a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Plug and play integration

Our ad units are simple and easy to implement. Just plug in and you are ready to play!

A large variety of ad templates

We offer a large variety of tailor-made ad templates that can be altered by size, color, and more.

Use the advantage of context. Today.

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