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Embracing Change With The Evolution of Identity Solutions

May 2024
Google is delaying the end of third-party cookies in its Chrome browser — again. Google did not outline a more specific timetable beyond hoping for 2025. This has sparked both relief and renewed anticipation amongst publishers.

How AI reshapes programmatic advertising in 2024

Mar 2024
The scope of tasks delegated to AI seems endless, ranging from data collection and analysis to creating customized advertisements and much more. Publishers need to future-proof their businesses by utilizing smarter advertising solutions, which are more efficient and hence more profitable.

3 Industry insights from Q1. Let’s kick-off Q2

Apr 2024
How we recognize the indispensable role of AI and data science in driving programmatic success as the media and advertising industry evolves, and how this directly impacts revenue was top of mind at the Digiday Publishing Summit in New York and again in Digiday Vail.

How Publishers Can Successfully Navigate the Never Normal

Apr 2024
Publishers around the globe have spent the past few years adapting to the new normal. Rethinking their strategies and services to respond to periods of global change and uncertainty. This uncertainty marks a new era – the never normal – and requires that publishers are agile and open minded by turning challenges into business opportunities.

Cookieless Tracking: The Impact of API on Publishers

Mar 2024
Cookieless tracking has emerged as a significant point of discussion in programmatic advertising. With the impending changes to data privacy regulations and the phasing out of third-party cookies, businesses are exploring alternative methods to customize user experience.

Rise Empowers Cost Reduction and Revenue Growth Through Strategic Partnership with AWS

Feb 2024
A Gartner, Inc. survey revealed that environmental change is amongst the top 3 strategic technology trends for 2024.