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We are looking for a brilliant, talented, and enthusiastic VP of R&D to join us.
Reporting directly to the CEO and collaborating with the executive team, you will define the R&D strategy and methodologies, and optimize the work processes and efficiency.
In our vision, we see the VP R&D of the company taking the R&D teams in our 3 global sites to the next level, which includes team building, infrastructures, and hands-on code writing. Managing multi-disciplinary teams, from Fullstack to Data Engineers dealing with state-of-the-art technologies like Kubernetes, GoLang, Typescript, React, and AirFlow.


  • You will be a core part of the Rise leadership team.
  • You will be responsible for defining R&D team strategy and methodologies, optimizing the work process and efficiency, with direct responsibility for R&D objectives and KPIs.
  • Managing multiple teams, with multiple leaders, building long-term growth plans, and executing them.
  • You will be responsible for delivering high-quality software solutions on tight schedules.
  • You will deliver high-quality software projects on time, including testable, modular, highly scalable, and reusable code, test cases, and documentation.
  • Ensure 100% customer satisfaction through our product development, design, and implementation.
  • You will design solutions, evaluate architecture options, set technical direction and uphold quality standards, and experience building complex, real-time, sustainable data/analytics processes based on cloud environments.


  • 3 years experience in a similar role in a global tech company, including managing experienced team leads and a group of 25+ R&D organizations including Full stack, DevOps, QA, BI, etc – MUST!
  • Vast experience with cloud services providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) – MUST!
  • Experience with FullStack technologies, like GoLang, NodeJS / TypeScript, React/Vue – MUST!
  • Experience in building high-performance, fault-tolerant, and large-scale systems.
  • Experience building complex, real-time, sustainable data/analytics processes based on cloud environments.
  • Ability to balance business needs, a sense of urgency, and shipping high-quality and pragmatic solutions.
  • Strong leadership skills including day-to-day management, recruiting, building, coaching, providing guidance, and inspiring others.
  • You are passionate about innovation and will drive changes needed to improve and achieve operational excellence for the R&D organization.

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