Contextual advertising

How SSPs that Contextualize Data Benefit Publishers Understanding programmatic SSPs underscores how advertisers and publishers benefit from SSPs that deliver contextualized ads. Simply put, programmatic (program + automatic) advertising uses programs or software to automate and simplify buying and selling digital ad space. An SSP is a core part of the process as it automatically […]

The Bountiful Benefits of SSPs

23.11.2022 The Bountiful Benefits of SSPs in Digital Advertising Publishers and advertisers have come a long way since migrating from print to digital media. This major shift ushered in display advertising, where publishers needed to monetize their websites, and advertisers needed relevant sites to reach their target audience. Today, digital media is a complex and […]

Programmatic CTV Opportunities & Overcoming Barriers

27.10.2022 Programmatic CTV Opportunities & Overcoming Barriers As foreseen by many, innovation and advancement in Connected TV (CTV) is one of the significant emergent trends in 2022. Advertisers reallocated considerable parts of their budgets in the past year from linear TV to CTV. According to Extreme Research, in Q2 2022, CTV accounted for 38% of […]

Market Predictions Programmatic Advertising – 2022

24.01.2022 Global programmatic advertising spending reached $155 billion in 2021. New technologies are being developed faster than ever before, and to keep up with the industry companies need to familiarize themselves rapidly with these significant changes. We’ve summed up some of the biggest trends we expect to see in the coming year and the challenges […]